Hunters Lodge Hotel

The number 19 is sticking in everyone's head with COVID-19. We came up with the idea of running weekends as we are both interested in running. In the meantime, we thought of a challenge. Before the virus Garry was trying to arrange a relay for John OGroats to Lands End (JOGLE) which is 854 miles in total. Inspired by the book "Shake Jogle &Roll" written by Peter Rogers &John E Turner.  

If you fancy the challenge and have a treadmill or suitable outside space would you be interested in running on the 19th April 2020 and posting a picture and distance achieved?? We must stress if you run outside please follow current guidelines and only run what you can (we do not want any injuries). Would be a fantastic challenge - message us to be added into this challenge (and any future ones).  

We have a couple of spot prizes for anyone who enters. The prize is an entry to a 10k event next year run by Sport in Action Included in the prize will be one night accommodation for 2 persons at our hotel. Best of luck to everyone. Don't forget to tag your photo with #JOGLE19.  Massive thanks also to Chivers Sports for the gift voucher which is another fabulous prize. 

Keep safe and only run what you are happy with. Linda &Garry 

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